Google Advertising


With significant experience in creating, managing and optimizing Google Ads for clients around the world, we help your business to generate leads, increase your traffic and boost revenue.

Video Production

Video Production

We have worked with many artists in Europe and have created and directed their online campaigns by shooting their music videos, editing them, and publishing them on relevant platforms to get a more effective presence.

Business Consultantion


With over a decade of experience, we have managed multiple businesses and quickly developed expertise in marketing and advertising. We are committed to helping our clients solve the most challenging marketing and advertisement challenges that their business may be facing by creating a fully personalized experience.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Reach over 2.89 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram by leveraging the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook’s advertising platform. We can help you get more customers from all across the globe.

Youtube and Advertising



We are here to help your business get on the second largest search engine out there to build awareness, attract leads and generate sales. We do this by creating a custom-built YouTube ad campaign for your business!


Whether you are looking to audit your current website, optimize your on-page and off-page SEO, or skyrocket your traffic through blogging with search engine optimized articles, we’ve got you. We can help you generate high-quality content and get on Google’s 1st page.

LinkedIn Ads

If you are looking to scale up your B2B company, LinkedIn Advertising is the perfect place to start. We can help you generate high-quality leads and reach the right decision-makers through niche-specific targeting criteria, account-based Marketing, unique ad types, and Lead Gen forms.