Our Story

Ohana was created to be an agency that delivers the highest quality results and excellent customer service. We are from the best! Our team members excel in their fields allowing us to be able to offer the most elite service possible.


Building a positive rapport is a key component in our quest to make each of our clientele a part of our business family, this is essential as we strive to build

long-lasting relationships with our clients. We can achieve this by ensuring that team is filled with positive people possesing great energy and who, of course, are very good at what they do.

This environment makes working so much better knowing that the people we work with every day bring joy, excitement, originality, and a great sense of community.

Meet The Team

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James Onyks 

Founder & CEO

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Dominika Onyks 

Co-Founder & Vice President



    Project Manager 


      Ajay Sabharwal

      Google Marketing Specialist


      Viktor Mihov

      Google ads Expert

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      Google Marketing Pro


      Ani Miteva

      Digital Marketing Specialist

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