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Google Advertisement

With significant experience in creating, managing and optimizing Google Ads for clients around the world, we help your business to generate leads, increase your traffic and boost revenue.

Video production

We have worked with many artists in Europe and have created and directed their online campaigns by shooting their music videos, editing them and publishing them to get more presence.

Business Consultation

For more than a decade, James has been managing multiple businesses, quickly developing expertise in marketing and advertisement. James is committed to help his clients solve the hardest marketing and advertisement challenges that their business faces by creating a fully personalized experience.

Brand and product development

We have worked with multiple businesses to help guide them in the creative and structural process in order to get their brand noticed and recognized. Through Logo design and brand structuring and more. James has personally been involved with Kickstarter projects that have been successful and his passion for product and brand development is unmatched!

Public relations and media presentation

Having worked for NATO and the European Parliament, as well as private sector, Dominika is a dedicated specialist experienced in the development and implementation of public affairs and communications strategies. She is very result-driven and loves to help her clients to achieve their goals.


We are here to help your business to get on the second largest search engine out there to build awareness, attract leads and generate sales. We do this by creating you a custom built YouTube ad and advertising your business!


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